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Kendra rated it it 5 Stars

AmazingReally great read. 
I love this novel not only for the love story but for the intense family dynamic created by the author. The author really develops secondary characters and I can already see where the author might take the series. The strong family units and relationships she brings to life makes me want to be apart of the universe. Who wouldn’t want a tall, dark and handsome Adair boy to fall in love with them! 

Additionally, I really liked this novel because of the drama/ crime aspect of it. I normally do not enjoy stories with crime or cop related investigations. This story however, has changed my mind. The author made sure I was emotionally invested in Gwen before dropping some major bombshells about her past. With Liam being a cop, I was sure that the story would take an all to familiar plot path. The story actually surprised me. Without giving anything away – I just want to say that I love the strength given to the female protagonist; although there is a big hunky cop figure to protect her, she never loses her strength and agency as a female. 

Overall, amazing read! I would definitely recommend reading this novel.

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Author Tania De Melo

Tania lives in Ontario, Canada with her two daughters. Before diving into creating suspense-filled romance novels, she worked as a Stylist, Operations Manager for a trucking company, and as a Developmental Services Worker, after obtaining certification from Fanshawe College. An avid reader with a penchant for all things romance, she is now focusing her mind’s eye into her love of writing. If you want to know more about Tania and her work, please visit her website at, and follow her on Twitter: @tania_demelo, Instagram: taniademelo4, and on her Facebook Page: @taniademeloauthor