Ben & Matilda

Infinite Promise—The Fifth and Final Addition to The Adair Series.
It’s their past. It’s their future. The memories of one are stopping them from pursuing the other.
A promise was made and thought to be broken, but sometimes all we need is a little dose of reality to realize what really matters. Theirs is a story many times told, of love begun in innocence then torn apart in pride.
Matilda “Ati” Batin, came to Emerson at eighteen to live with her sister. After years spent away at boarding schools clear across the world, and away from her family, she was ready for the change. That’s when she met Ben, and change wasn’t the only thing turning her life upside down. But that was ten years ago. After a bad breakup and moving away for medical school, she is now returning to Emerson. With her past and Ben, behind her, she’s ready to start her new life…both professional and personal.
Ben Adair, the shy, studious, sensitive one; at least, that’s what his brother’s call him. But he is also the one that could never see what was right in front of him—even if it was a five-foot-eight leggy blonde. Ben has taken over his father’s business and has set out to prove that he can make it. The thing is, the only person he needs to prove anything to is himself—he is his own worst enemy, and if not careful, it will cost him everything.
Will Ben and Ati rekindle what was once lost, or has their time come and gone? With new acquaintances igniting buried desires, and arrivals of old friends revealing past encounters, the scene is set with obstacles to overcome, and tensions to carefully navigate. But, as they say, the best love stories are the ones that keep you on your toes.